"Once Upon a Time..."

...there was a project to create a multiplayer fantasy online roleplaying game.

Our goal is to create a fantasy world for people that enjoy adventuring, roleplaying, questing, crafting, raiding and this with a strong social emphasis.

In other words, experience and live their own fairy-tale first hand, embedded in a good share of 1st-gen MMORPG flavor.

Note: some of the points listed below will probably only make sense to you, if you have previously played other online roleplaying games.

Here are some of the game design narratives:

Character Development & Adventuring:

Classless character development - players have their own choice what skills they want to learn and master based on a clever and well worked out system to balance their powers.

No levels, character progression is solely defined by skill-advancement.

Raiding & Endgame:

No mass raiding - higher end and raid-content will be designed for groups of roughly 10-20 people.

No flagging or keying riots for guilds. Keyed zones will be there, but the effort effort of keying will be limited to 1 key per guild or tradable keys per group to prevent constant backflagging.

Unique high-end items: items dropping from advanced raid-encounters will be serverwide only once in the game.

General Features:

Active roleplaying will be highly encouraged and rewarded by the game-mechanics and a strong language system.

Sophisticated and highly tactical magic & melee system.

Quality content: no mass or copy and paste designs or shopping-list style quests.

"Intelligent" and highly flexible content scripting.

No automated grouping tools.

No instancing as we believe it ruins the immersion.

No travel-hub zones, we want our world and the social life to take part in the cities.

No stockmarket-like automated tradesystem. We want the players to haggle face to face for prices. In the spirit of "Want to sell all on me at T1!"

Senseful tradeskill system (no clicking or farming orgies).

Plenty of GM events.

Active customer service based on common sense rather than stiff rules.

Playable on older hardware.

and a lot more!